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Graham BirchBritain’s Deplorable Coinage – Not Fit For Purpose.
Hugh PaganHarry Manville and BNJ and NC Offprints
David RamplingCeltic coins published by John White
Hugh PaganThe Boy Pianist’s Parcel of Coins of Eadger
Rory NaismithLidanport: a New Mint-Place for Edgar’s Pre-Reform Coinage
Steve GreenThe Late Coinage of King Eadmund of East Anglia
Hugh PaganA Parcel from a Small Hoard of Coins of Eadmund of East Anglia
Hugh PaganThe Large Cnut Hoard found in the 1990s
Steve GreenAethelred II Second Hand penny of Norwich
Hugh PaganA Moneyer for Edward the Confessor Created by a Printing Error
Hugh PaganPAS: Edward the Confessor Expanding Cross Type
Hugh Pagan Edward the Confessor – Expanding Cross Type
Corrections to entries in SCBI volumes
Hugh Pagan Expanding Cross Type: Single Finds on Early Medieval Coinage Site.
Arthur GranCeolbald of Northumbria: a new look at an old moneyer 
Ambrose & NaismithA London street name on a late Anglo-Saxon penny.
Chris Timms Unusual Iconography on three R8 Sceatta.
Chris Timms A Rare Rune Combination on R8 Sceatta
R. Ambrose.A new moneyer for the mint of Aylesbury
Hugh PaganThe Laxfield Hoard: some puzzles explained but not yet resolved.
David Guest, & comments by Stewart Lyon.Bedwyn to (or from?) Watchet:
A Remarkable Instance of Die Alteration on a
Penny of Edward the Confessor
Steve GreenA small parcel of coins from the Oulton, Staffs. hoard
Evans C. GoodlingA Hiberno-Scandinavian Penny Orphan Emerges From Obscurity
A.G. Bliss.Summarising the corpus of ‘Watford’ type pence from the Sussex mint of Rye, with discussion of a newly discovered cut halfpenny.
A.G. Bliss.A Newly Discovered Cut Halfpenny Struck for Henry of Anjou, and some Observations on Die Variants for Mack’s type 253
Rob PageHenry III Long Cross Pennies – Sub-division of Class 1a
Denis MartinAn Intriguing Muled Edward I Penny of Berwick
Bob ThomasThe recent find of two late Henry III pennies
Dave GreenhalghA New Mint for Edward I class 3b/c
Denis MartinEdward III Florin coinage of Durham – The “VILA” reverse die
Rob PageA Second Find of a Henry III Long Cross Class 2a/1b Mule 
Rob Page A Rare “Cut Half” Rescued from a Leicestershire Field
Dave Greenhalgh A New Sub Variety of Edward I Penny Class 3a London Mint
Rob PageA Guide to the Long Cross Pennies of Henry III (and Edward I)
Denis MartinA new obverse local die from the Durham mint of Edward I
Rob PageHenry III Long Cross Pennies – Analysis of the Use of the Letter “H” for “N”
Dave GreenhalghA new reverse type for Edward III Reading halfpenny.
Ian Heavisides & Rob PageHenry III – Long Cross Penny – A Challenging Piece
Rob PageKing John’s Pellets
Dave GreenhalghAn Interesting Re-cut Penny Reverse Die for Early Edward II.
Denis MartinExchange of dies between London and Canterbury in the 1290’s
Rob PageHenry III (Posthumous), Class 7 Pennies from the London Mint
Denis MartinThe Lombardic n in York pennies of Edward I Class 3f
Rob PageHenry III (Posthumous), Class 7 Pennies from the London Mint, Part Two – Moneyer Renaud
Glenn Schaap & Denis MartinA new Crockard type for John of Avesnes
David GuestA quarter-noble assigned to the Trefoil Issue of Henry VI re-examined
Dave Greenhalgh A Probable Lis – Pellet Issue Halfpenny of Henry VI
Dave GreenhalghA new variant of late Henry VI halfpenny.
Alex BlissA New Obverse Variety of Henry V Halfpenny for Withers Type 9.
Alex BlissA New Variety of Light Coinage Henry IV Halfpenny
Gary OddieAn Unusual Forgery
David HoltConfirmation of a Previously Noted Variety of a Charles I Tower Shilling
Walter WilkinsonPrivy Mark Crown on the Sixpences of Elizabeth I 
Tim EversonA Newly Discovered Silver Farthing of James I
D.I. GreenhalghA Third Obverse Die for Dovey Furnace Threepences
Bob Thomas The First Issue Shilling of Nicholas Briot’s Hammered Coinage of 1638-39
Hugh PaganCoin Pedigrees Revisited: The Oxford Crown.
D.I. Greenhalgh A New Die for Elizabeth I 1574 Acorn Initial Mark Threepence’s
D.I. Greenhalgh A new sub-type for Elizabeth I 1572 Ermine Initial Mark Threepences.
D.I. Greenhalgh An interesting over-strike for 1561 threepences.
D.I. GreenhalghInsights into a die breakup for a Charles I Aberystwyth threepence.
David HoltAn Interesting “Fine Work” Shilling of Charles 1?
Gary OddieA Notice of Counterfeiting and Punishment from 1653
Gary OddieCharles I Shillings of the York Mint (i) Official Issues
Gary OddieCharles I Shillings of the York Mint (ii) Counterfeits
Gary OddieA Mid-Nineteenth Century Hoard of Counterfeit Silver Coins
Gary OddieTwo Unusual Counterfeit Victorian Shillings
Eric HodgeBallindalloch Works Checks.
Eric HodgeCromford Derbyshire Countermarks
Eric HodgeBrand Catrine Cotton Works countermarked 8 reales.
Eric HodgeCut 8 Reales Countermarked by Rothsay Mills.
Gary OddieA Lost Cambridgeshire 17th Century Token
Gary OddieA Group of Dies for Fantasy Tokens
Ken EckardtA Modern Concoction, a Numismatic Forgery or a Contemporary Private Issue: An Examination of a Cut and Countermarked Coin
Adrian Lansen, Koen Helling and Gary Oddie Further Notes on a False Plantation Token
Alex BlissA New Reverse Legend for Rigold’s Series I/C Groat-Sized ‘Boy Bishop’ Tokens
Eric C. HodgeBallindalloch Works Checks Revisited
Further Contemporary Documentation Discovered
Gary OddieDies for a Fantasy Bristol Public Free Libraries Token
Tom Ward & Eric C. HodgeCorrection of an Ownership Misconception
Tom Ward & Eric C. HodgeManville Type 115. Is it Genuine or Fake?
Hugh PaganElias Neel Jersey Bank Token of 1812
David RamplingA new privy mark on a Robert II groat prefigured on false coins
David RamplingA Draft of Warrant
David Rampling Letters of John Lindsay of Cork Regarding the Scottish Coinage
Cameron MacleanAn Addition to the Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles 35: Scottish Coins in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford and the Hunterian Museum, Glasgow
Carl SavageA new farthing reverse die for David II of Scotland’s first issue.
Alex BlissA Pewter Oddity from the Thames Foreshore
Peter R ThompsonA Countermarked Spanish Two Reales (Pistareen)
Gary OddieAn Unusual 1920G Shilling from West Africa
Ken Eckardt Dominica to Trinidad – A Potential West Indies Re-attribution
Gary OddieThe 1943 East Africa Shilling
Graham BirchBritish Coins and their links to the West African slave trade
Hugh PaganJonathan Rashleigh, 1820-1905
Hugh PaganLaurie Asher Lawrence And His First Collection, Part I: Professional Life, Playing Cards, Family, Houses
Hugh PaganLaurie Asher Lawrence And His First Collection, Part II: The manuscript Catalogue