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The BNS Research blog provides an easy method for numismatists to disseminate short-form research, of a less formal character than Journal articles.

Previously there has been a shortage of national forums for short research focused numismatic publications for contributions such as the discovery of a new die-link, or a slight permutation of an existing type, which in the past might have been put on record in Spink’s Numismatic Circular, or the Seaby Coin and Medal Bulletin, but which are too brief to warrant publication in a larger-scale print journal such as the British Numismatic Journal.

It is recommended that authors take full advantage of the potential of the internet and make use of images and weblinks as appropriate.

The content of articles for the blog should be within the remit of the Society’s interests: ‘Coins, medals, jettons and paper money of the British Isles, the Commonwealth and other territories that have been subject to British rule’.  Contributions are open to all (including authors who are not members of the Society). There is no limitation on the frequency of posts.

You may also access the articles by scrolling down the side menu.


Cnut, short cross type, Winchester mint, Godwine Ceoca moneyer.