The Fourth variety of Fleur-de-lis groats of James II of Scotland – David Rampling

This paper presents a review of Burns’ sub-classification of the fourth variety of the fleur-de-lis issue of groats under James II, paying particular attention to die combinations as evidence for the validity of his division into two groups. The relatively large number of dies exhibited by the still relatively small cohort available for study, points to a larger mintage than surviving numbers would suggest.

Some gunmoney-related evidence in French diplomatic and military correspondence, 1689-90 – Oisín Mac Conamhna

The purpose of this note is to highlight some evidence of relevance to gunmoney in French correspondence of 1689-90, particularly that of Antoine de Mesmes, the Comte d’Avaux, the French ambassador to the Irish court of James II.[1] Reference is also made to correspondence held in French state, military, and naval archives, which was published in the 1980s.