An Unusual Late Edward IV London Penny – M.J. Wade

This late Edward IV London penny is of interest for two main reasons. The first is the initial mark which although not at all certain could add to the small corpus of pennies with halved sun-rose initial mark. It shows the obverse legend of known examples. Other candidates for the initial mark are cross and pellet and less likely cinquefoil. The other interesting feature is an unusual engravers error where four similar-sized pellets have been placed in the DON quarter of the reverse.

A New Variety of Light Coinage Henry IV Halfpenny – Alex Bliss

The halfpence of Henry IV are divided into two broad issues: a ‘heavy’ coinage struck for the mainstay of the reign, and a ‘light’ coinage of lower weight standard ordered in 1411 but produced only from 1412 onwards. Of the ‘light’ coinage, fewer than twenty examples were thought to be known by Withers – though more have been brought to attention in recent years thanks to the efforts of metal detectorists. This note describes a new variety of Withers type 3 recently discovered near Cambridge, displaying a different obverse legend to those listed in the relevant ‘small change’ guide.

A New Obverse Variety of Henry V Halfpenny for Withers Type 9 – Alex Bliss

‘Page 28 of the Galata ‘small change’ guide to halfpennies of Henry IV, V and VI currently lists different two obverse legends for Henry V type 9. Whereas the standard issue usually reads: +hENRIC REX ANGL, there is also a less common variety (9a) inscribed: +hENRC REX ANGLIE F. However, this article describes two newly-discovered examples representing an apparently unrecorded second variety of the main type (provisionally assigned 9b). On these two pieces, the obverse instead reads: +hENRIC REX ANGLIE.’

A Probable Lis – Pellet Issue Halfpenny of Henry VI – D. I. Greenhalgh

WIth the development of increasingly sensitive metal detectors many small coins are now coming  to light. With them are numerous issues of halfpence and farthings, and it is not surprising when coins from previously unknown issues come to light (cf Henry III round halfpence, farthings, Newcastle Farthings of Edward I etc). A recent discovery of a halfpenny that  is probably a Henry VI Lis Pellet issue is described in this brief article.