Some Observations on the Class 6a2 Pennies of Edward I – Denis Martin

For many years it seemed that there was only one obverse die for the 6a2 sub-class of Edward I pennies. Few coins were known and, of these, one was a mule with a class 5 reverse. The author has kept track of new coins which have emerged in the last 25 years or so and has been able to notice another obverse die making two in all. The total number of coins that have been noted for this sub-class now stands at a minimum of twelve. Most of these are in private hands hopefully recognised for what they are.

The ‘Crown’ Quartered Series B Groat – A False Start to Edward III’s Fourth Coinage? – Duncan Russell

This article describes the unique Hunter Collection ‘Crown in Quarters’ Series B Groat of Edward III’s Fourth Coinage and places it into context with the ‘Trefoil of Pellets’ overcutting Crowns dies used in the early issues of the Fourth Coinage – in doing so it looks at Continental Prototypes with particular reference to the Anglo-Gallic Sterlings of ‘Aquitaine’ minted for Edward III. It also suggests that the failure of the earlier introduction of the Groat during Edward I’s Coinage reform of AD 1279 should not be repeated and so the innovative ‘Crown in Quarters’ design was suppressed in favour of the Trefoil of Pellets for the sake of continuity with existing and accepted reverse design prevalent since its introduction in the coinage reform of  AD 1247. The silent witnesses to this turn of events are the few surviving trefoil  of pellets overcutting Crowns’ Series B Groats.

Henry III (Posthumous) Class 7 Pennies, Part 3 – The Dies of Renaud of London – Robert Page

This article continues a series of articles on class 7 pennies, and illustrates the different known dies of Renaud. The author is still actively seeking further class 7 examples, and would appreciate being notified of any further such coins by use of the comment facility below. Earlier articles in this series: Henry III (Posthumous), Class 7 Pennies from the London Mint Henry III (Posthumous), Class 7 Pennies from the London Mint, Pt 2 – Renaud