Henry III Posthumous Class 7 Pennies, Obverse Die Types – Rob Page

This article documents all the known dies of the Henry III Posthumous Class 7 pennies, from all three issuing mints: London, Bury and Durham. It is an update on work I published several years ago, and benefits from the new specimens that have come to light since then. For the obverse dies of Phelip of London, statistical analysis suggests that about two-thirds of the obverse dies may now be known. The article is actually a report output directly from a Microsoft Access database, so any new coins that turn up can be entered into the database and the article quickly updated. I invite readers with any further examples to please contact me using the comments box below.

Edward I class 1a pennies with a forked crown – Denis Martin

In the last few years more coins have emerged displaying a peculiar variation in the crown on the obverse of the Edward I class 1a type. This unusual so-called “forked crown” is found on only a relatively few examples and little comment can be found in the easily accessible literature. The author has decided that it is time for a review of the situation and has made an attempt to gather as much data as possible with the object of producing a Corpus of the known forked crown coins.

Early letter forms in the Edward III Florin coinage 1344-51 (Part 2) – Some new developments – Denis Martin

In a Research Blog article of 30/11/2022 the early Unusual types of the  Florin coinage of Edward III were investigated with particular reference to the  lettering of types A and C. In the short time since this article was posted important new information has been obtained by the author. The latest developments are discussed in this short note. It is recommended that the original article is read first. Or….

Early letter forms in the Edward III coinage 1344-1351 – Denis Martin

Coins from Edward III’s 3rd issue, the Florin coinage, are divided into two groups. Firstly, the rare Unusual types A to E and secondly, the Normal (or Main) types 1 to 4. Durham coins are dealt with separately. Occasionally a coin turns up which throws some new light on the issue, in this case the chronology of the earliest coins produced in the series. It is such a discovery by the author which is the subject of this note.