West Caicos Sisal Company Tokens – Gary Oddie

This note begins with a brief history and description of industries that have taken place on the Turks and Caicos Islands and in particular sisal growing. This is followed by a description of the West Caicos Sisal Company and a group of tokens issued to pay the workforce and redeemable in the Company Store.The style of the dies is quite unusual, with just a simple incuse legend. Thus when two specimens appeared of British half-pennies overstruck with the reverse die of the shilling token and more recently a British penny overstruck with the reverse die of the two shilling token, they were really quite obvious.The three new pieces all appeared in the USA and were sold without any reference to the original use of the dies. This and other features of the pieces leads to the suggestion that they were struck using the original reverse dies, but many decades after the original token issues, possibly even as late as 2010.

New and Unusual Hairdressers’ Tokens – Gary Oddie

This note describes some of the more usual hairdressers’ and barbers’ tokens, often found in the UK and Australia and presents one new and several unusual types. Interestingly, close inspection of some of the pieces known to be from Australian establishments: L&S, RGT&S, Wigzell’s, Craig & Aitken and Sharp & Co are all linked to English issues either by dies or punches, suggesting manufacture in England followed by export to the user. The P&O, PS&Co, OG&Co, Ogee and RH & Sons tickets are generic issues, bought straight from the wholesalers’ catalogues whereas, others have had customised tokens manufactured for use in their own shop or chain of shops, possibly ordered via their wholesaler. A reverse type with a characteristically Australian font has yet to be identified and though generic in nature, might yet be attributed to a particular manufacturer or wholesaler.

An Unusual Ballindalloch Countermark – Eric C. Hodge

A known British merchant countermark has recently been discovered on a French écu. The writer has accumulated as much information as possible to support and explain this issue. With only one example known it is not possible to be too definitive as to the reason for the countermarking. Other views are welcome to help to widen the debate as to whether it was official or otherwise.

A Paranumismatic History of Wood Saws – Gary Oddie

This short note will describe a few paranumismatic items relating different types of wood saws, beginning with an engraved coin displaying the Hamilton family crest, the piece that started this study. This is followed by a token and engraved coins showing pit and trestle saws, Dingleys’ Sawmill, circular saws, and a USA token from a bandsaw mill. To complete the technologies a medal for a pioneer of the chainsaw is presented. Whilst the last item is German; with over 650 outlets in the UK today, the company Stihl and its products should be familiar to most readers.

Admiral George Brydges Rodney (i) History and Contemporary Tokens – Gary Oddie

This is the first of four short notes prompted by the acquisition of a shilling sized disc of silver engraved with a three masted sailing ship and the motto “Succefs to the LORD RODNEY”. In this note the life of Admiral George Brydges Rodney will be described, along with a few contemporary tokens and engraved coins. Prior to Admiral Nelson and the Battle of Trafalgar, Admiral Rodney was one of the most significant characters in British maritime history. Subsequent notes will describe some more tokens, coins and medals etc. that were struck in celebration of Lord Rodney and his naval successes. The final note will present the story behind the engraved coin that started this work and the ship The Lord Rodney.

The Numismatic Ancestors of Francis Cokayne – Gary Oddie

One of the interesting aspects of researching tokens is sometimes finding more than the usual who, when, where and why? In many, if not most, cases information can be hard to find and the story difficult to put together. In the case presented here and first presented at the 2018 Token Congress, the challenge was how to distil a very big story into a one hour presentation. Here I will present a brief summary of how a very unexpected connection was made; that between Sir Vicary Gibbs, Antony Gibbs, Henry Hucks Gibbs and Francis Cokayne.