Charles I Counterfeit Shillings – Connecting the York, Oxford and one of the Tower Types – Gary Oddie

A previous note presented a few contemporary counterfeit shillings of Charles I. (Link). These either displayed the EBOR mint signature or showed a declaration type similar to the official Oxford Issues. Punch links suggested connections between the different types. Recently the British Museum has photographed and uploaded its Charles I counterfeit shillings. This note presents eight of the BM pieces and fits them into the previous scheme and also adds a counterfeit Tower issue shilling mm tun. Punch links now allow all of the counterfeits described in the two notes to be divided into two groups suggesting just one or two workshops produced them all.

Revisiting an Enigmatic Charles I Pattern Shilling – Gary Oddie

In the British Museum trays is a coin that was initially considered to be a medal relating to the erection of the Royal Standard in 1642. This note presents in detail the contemporary references confirming that the piece is actually a pattern for a proposed debasement of the coinage in late July and early August 1640. One reference describes the design in sufficient detail to leave no doubt about the attribution and dating. Though Mint buildings had been prepared for the production of a debased coinage, none were ever issued. For his part in the project the Earl of Strafford was found guilty of treason and executed on 12 May 1641.