New and Unusual Hairdressers’ Tokens – Gary Oddie

This note describes some of the more usual hairdressers’ and barbers’ tokens, often found in the UK and Australia and presents one new and several unusual types. Interestingly, close inspection of some of the pieces known to be from Australian establishments: L&S, RGT&S, Wigzell’s, Craig & Aitken and Sharp & Co are all linked to English issues either by dies or punches, suggesting manufacture in England followed by export to the user. The P&O, PS&Co, OG&Co, Ogee and RH & Sons tickets are generic issues, bought straight from the wholesalers’ catalogues whereas, others have had customised tokens manufactured for use in their own shop or chain of shops, possibly ordered via their wholesaler. A reverse type with a characteristically Australian font has yet to be identified and though generic in nature, might yet be attributed to a particular manufacturer or wholesaler.