A Rare Rune Combination on R8 Sceatta by Chris Timms.

I have interpreted the runes on the R8 Sceatta featured in this article as HHL. The runes HH appear to be ligate or bind. The rune graphs are discussed. Many different combination of runes were used on the obverse flans of the R series, EPA, GEPA, EA, EP, ER, RHY and SPI were the most common, ES is quite unusual. I have only observed EAP on one coin, presumably an error by a die cutter. The later Wigraed (R10) and Tilberht (R11) coins had their names in runes. I have only seen the combination of runes HHL on two coins I own and one more registered on the Early Medieval Corpus database at the Fitzwilliam. The symbols outside of the standard on the reverse of the “Angry Face” coins are also discussed.

Unusual Iconography on three R8 Sceatta – C Timms

This Blog article discusses the unusual Iconography of what I have classified as a variant of the R8 Series (R8 Type 16) Sceat. I comment upon the epigraphic content of both the obverse and reverse of the three coins featured. The shape of the head/face and other symbols on the obverse are compared to other R8 types, also the positioning of the runes is observed and compared to other R8 types. The very unusual content of symbols within the standard on the reverse is reviewed. The rarity of these three coins is commented upon.