Short Cross Coins from the Rhuddlan mint.

​Numismatic researcher and publisher Gerry Slevin is preparing a new publication on the short cross coins of the Rhuddlan mint.  He is looking for images of good quality coins of the Rhuddlan mint that he can include in his die study.  Anyone wi​lling to assist by providing images, that they are happy to have published, should please contact Gerry directly at

Thanks for any assistance.

2 thoughts on “Short Cross Coins from the Rhuddlan mint.

  1. I have some half cut pennies in my collection , minted at Rhuddlan, would these be of interest, regards Albi Pinnion.

    • Yes please, I need as many images as possible for my study, Thank you.

      For best results I need either flat bed pictures or scans which ever is easy for you.

      Thank you once again.


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