Henry III Long Cross Pennies –  Class 2bi- The Coinage of the Winchester Mint – Ian M. Heavisides and Rob Page

Continuing on from our description of the 2bi dies of Lincoln and Northampton. These two mints, together with Winchester described here, were the only provincial mints to issue pennies of this class, though the major mints of London, Canterbury and Bury also issued 2bi pennies. Below are links not only to the Winchester article, but also to the earlier articles on Lincoln and Northampton, and also the explanatory material which deals with the die comparison methodology – this latter document should be perused in order to fully understand the Winchester article. As always, the authors would welcome comments on the material, and especially news of any additional dies not described here. Lincoln (Link) Northampton (Link)

A Die Study of James I Shillings – Third Issue, Sixth Bust, mm Rose – Gary Oddie

This note arose after finding a die sinker’s error in the legend of a James I, third issue shilling with mintmark rose. A simple method is presented to allow the identification of different dies followed by a die study of the shillings of this scarce mintmark. Eleven different obverse and eleven reverse dies have been found from 22 specimens. This is sufficient to allow a tentative estimate of the likely number of dies that might be found with a more extensive study. Details of further specimens will be gratefully received.

Tracing The Elusive 1775 Pattern Shilling – Gary Oddie

This note brings to an end a long search for a specimen of the 1775 pattern shilling of George III. Listed as R4 or R5, regular (5-10 year) sightings at auction or sale were anticipated, however this assumption caused the author to be looking in the wrong places all along. Embarrassingly, two specimens have been found in captivity (Royal Mint Museum and British Museum) and in identifying their provenances a third specimen has been identified and is possibly still in the wild (ex Hyman Montagu).

History of the Bedford Numismatic Society (1966-1986) – G.E. Dawson†

This note first appeared in the 1986 issue of the Bedford Numismatic Society Journal, the “Sovereign”. It charts the history of the society from its first meeting on 26th October 1966 through to the events that took place as part of the 20th anniversary. Three of the first members had also been members of the short-lived first Bedford Numismatic Society (1946-1948). The later events are likely typical of the story of many societies that were formed in the late 1960s, with a peak membership around decimalisation. (Contributed by Gary Oddie.)

Reuniting Sir George and Lady Chetwynd – A Tale of Two Catalogues – Gary Oddie

This note is the result of a recent chance find of a scarce early catalogue of the Chetwynd collection of tokens. The book contained several bookplates and an image of Lady Chetwynd and the catalogue compiler, Thomas Sharp, along with several hundred additional illustrations of tokens.  The locations of several other copies and appearances at auction are noted.