The Last Galley Halfpenny – Joshua Cattermole

The topic of the Galley Halfpence, the circulation of the Venetian Soldino in England, has a history spanning nearly 150 years, split into three incursions between the early 15th and early 16th centuries. The end of the importation of Soldini is quite murky, and oft forgotten these days, along with much of the subject of Soldini. However, the recent discovery of a rare Soldino helps to shine light onto the latter period of Anglo-Venetian trade relations, and the end of the state-sponsored trading fleets from Venice to England, and how the very last Soldino type to be imported into England helps to tell this little-known tale.

Early letter forms in the Edward III Florin coinage 1344-51 (Part 2) – Some new developments – Denis Martin

In a Research Blog article of 30/11/2022 the early Unusual types of the  Florin coinage of Edward III were investigated with particular reference to the  lettering of types A and C. In the short time since this article was posted important new information has been obtained by the author. The latest developments are discussed in this short note. It is recommended that the original article is read first. Or….

Early letter forms in the Edward III coinage 1344-1351 – Denis Martin

Coins from Edward III’s 3rd issue, the Florin coinage, are divided into two groups. Firstly, the rare Unusual types A to E and secondly, the Normal (or Main) types 1 to 4. Durham coins are dealt with separately. Occasionally a coin turns up which throws some new light on the issue, in this case the chronology of the earliest coins produced in the series. It is such a discovery by the author which is the subject of this note.

In The Groove – Security Edges and Contemporary Counterfeiting in British West Africa and Nigeria – Gary Oddie

The official coinage of British West Africa has been well documented and catalogued. This note focusses on the prevalence of contemporary counterfeiting in British West Africa of the silver, tin-brass, and nickel-brass coins and the later white metal counterfeits of the cupro-nickel coins of the British Protectorate of Nigeria.

“MCHBI” – A BNS Online Map Application for Medieval Coin Hoards in Britain and Ireland – Rob Page

The British Numismatic Society is pleased to announce the availability of a new feature on its website which allows users to explore Medieval Coin Hoards in Britain and Ireland (“MCHBI”). This brief article shows how to access the website and some examples of the products that can be generated.  The facility should prove of interest to numismatists, historians, archaeologists and metal detectorists.  With nearly 1900 hoards uploaded and increasing daily it is already the largest compilation of Medieval hoard data from Britain and Ireland, and will be continuously added to in order to keep it as up-to-date as possible.