Laurie Asher Lawrence and his First Collection, Part I: Professional Life, Playing Cards, Family, Houses – Hugh Pagan

This note will deal, in two parts, with the professional life and family circumstances of the eminent numismatic scholar and coin collector, Laurie Asher Lawrence (1857-1949) ; and with the evidence that his surviving manuscript catalogue provides for the content of his first coin collection, disposed of by him in 1903.

JONATHAN RASHLEIGH, 1820-1905 – Hugh Pagan

This note sets out what is known about the life and coin collecting career of Jonathan Rashleigh (1820-1905), and draws attention to the fact that the evidence for his acquisitions of coins in the sale room provided by the 1909 Sotheby auction catalogue of the Rashleigh family collection can be supplemented by the presence of Rashleigh’s own name as a purchaser in marked copies of the catalogues of other coin auction sales dating from the late 1840s onwards.