Insertions in a copy of Robertson’s ‘A Handbook to the Coinage of Scotland’ – David Rampling

The late nineteenth century saw a major advance in the study of Scottish coins. Pre-eminent in this development were two enthusiasts, Robert Cochran-Patrick and Edward Burns. The popularisation of Scottish numismatics was further aided by those who drew inspiration from these luminaries. This note draws attention to one whose interests and abilities proved conducive to this process.

2 thoughts on “Insertions in a copy of Robertson’s ‘A Handbook to the Coinage of Scotland’ – David Rampling

  1. A fascinating and fact filled article of information gleaned from some cuttings inserted in a book. Research can approach one from so many angles. After reading the article I looked up R.W. Cochran-Patrick and Edward Burns under ‘Contributors’ on the BNS website. Strangely there is nothing for Burns and no picture for Cochran-Patrick. Well there is a picture in this article that could fill that gap.

    • Thank you Eric for your kind comment, and apologies for this delayed response. The industry of our numismatic forbears is all the more admirable, as they lacked the ready means of acquiring information that we take for granted. Cochran-Patrick’s letter exemplifies one example of probably many that were written by himself and others in gathering the information needed for a publication.

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