“MCHBI” – A BNS Online Map Application for Medieval Coin Hoards in Britain and Ireland – Rob Page

The British Numismatic Society is pleased to announce the availability of a new feature on its website which allows users to explore Medieval Coin Hoards in Britain and Ireland (“MCHBI”). This brief article shows how to access the website and some examples of the products that can be generated.  The facility should prove of interest to numismatists, historians, archaeologists and metal detectorists.  With nearly 1900 hoards uploaded and increasing daily it is already the largest compilation of Medieval hoard data from Britain and Ireland, and will be continuously added to in order to keep it as up-to-date as possible.

Palmers Green Hoard of Richard II Coins, 1911- Rob Page

In Thompson’s Inventory he gives information for two coin hoards found in 1911 in Palmers Green; his “Palmers Green #1” (Ref 247) is a well documented hoard, consisting mainly of Henry III long cross pennies, and is not in any doubt. However, his second hoard, “Palmers Green #2”, (Ref 248) is almost undocumented, and it is this one that is the subject of this very brief article.

Revisiting Some Lead Tokens from Huntingdon – Gary Oddie

In 1823 a small hoard of early 16th-century lead tokens was “found behind the Parlour Chimney piece in Mr. Godbys Old House” in Huntingdon. They were examined by the British Museum in 1963 and a note published in Spinks Numismatic Circular in the same year. A metallurgical analysis of two further pieces was published in 1984. A more detailed analysis of six pieces from the same issue is presented here and confirms that they were all produced from a single mould and that there were two batches produced with different alloys: roughly 97% lead and 3% tin and 90% lead and 10% tin.

Coin Hoards

Of potential interest to metal detectorists, as well as numismatists, is a new section on the BNS website section which gives links to BNS papers on coin hoards.  These papers cover the whole British Isles and are sub-divided by county, so it is easy for one to find accounts of hoards from a particular region.  BNS online papers are available for papers published up to three years ago, and currently cover publications up to 2016; papers published in 2017 will soon be added to the online collection.   Visit the BNS Hoards Section  Also of interest is the developing BNS Coin Gallery which is constantly growing – it currently focuses on the period from the Iron Age through to end of the Stuarts, and currently shows mainly English coins, though it is planned this year to add a comprehensive range of Scottish and Irish specimens.  Visit the BNS Coin Gallery For anyone interested in joining the British Numismatic Society please note

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