A Newly Discovered Cut Halfpenny Struck for Henry of Anjou, and some Observations on Die Variants for Mack’s type 253 – A.G. Bliss

During the 1140s, an unusual series of coins began to be produced in the Southwest of England. These pieces effectively combine an obverse design utilised on the ‘Watford’ pence of Stephen with the reverse of Henry I type XV pieces (quadrilateral on cross-fleury). Encountered in the names of Earls William/Robert of Gloucester and Patrick of Salisbury, these coins were also struck in the name of Henry of Anjou (the future Henry II) – son of Henry I’s daughter Matilda and Count Geoffrey of Anjou. This article brings to light a new cut halfpenny struck for the latter, and demonstrates that the type (those struck in the name of Henry) in fact encompasses several different die-groups. 

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