3 thoughts on “The Rise of The Standard Catalogue – Gary Oddie

  1. I love this short blog.

    At the rate the Royal Mint brings out their new issues I wonder how long it will be before Spink needs three volumes. I would suggest; Vol 1 Old Coins, Vol 2 Modern Coins and Vol 3 Coins with No Known Purpose.

  2. I still say Seaby out of habit and as a way to acknowledge all the hard work
    Bert Seaby did to bring this wonderful resource to life. I have all the editions from 1936 to the present. Nice to see I am not the only one appreciates this great book.

  3. Great article, Gary. I bought my 1962, 1st. edition soft back, grey cover, from Harold Stroud, Coin and Stamp dealer, Darwen St., Blackburn, on my way home from school in the early sixties. It needed saving up for since I think he charged me fifteen shillings. I sometimes wince when I read inside what coin I could have bought instead. Looking back I would stick to my choice though. Thanks for the dose of nostalgia!

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