Counterfeit Round Pound Coins (v) Loose Ends – Gary Oddie

In this fifth and final instalment some peripheral topics will be covered. Ranging from the mentions of counterfeit pound coins in the media, to publications, to the response of the establishment, to prosecutions, to counterfeits of the new dodecagonal pound. New data has been added to the table of known counterfeit designs, bringing the total to 122 muled designs and 30 counterfeits with the correct obverse for the reverse.  This will not be comprehensive, and is not in any particular order, but hopefully will provide a good starting point should anyone wish to take the topic further.

One thought on “Counterfeit Round Pound Coins (v) Loose Ends – Gary Oddie

  1. Following this final part (v) I have received some corrections and questions. Rather than writing another note, I have appended them onto this article. If you have got as far as reading this, and you are not already aware, I would highly recommend having a look at the Fake Pound Coin Database, both on the web and facebook.

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