2 thoughts on “A Commonwealth Bronze Mortar design inspired by the Domestic Coinage – Graham Birch

  1. Hi Graham, An interesting note and observation. I can add a contemporary brass/bronze pipe tamper with a cast circular handle made in the form of a 1649 shilling: England/Ireland shield, date and legend. The condition of mine is worse than appalling, but there is a drawing of another specimen (possibly BM) in a catalogue of pipe tampers. As an aside, I was tempted by the 1738 mortar with the name William Oddie in the same sale!

  2. Dear Gary, I am pleased that you appreciated my brief note. Your pipe tamper sounds interesting. I guess that when the Commonwealth hammered coins first appeared they would have seemed quite novel and attracted a fair bit of attention. So perhaps not too surprising that the design elements were used in other metalwork. regards Graham Birch

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