2 thoughts on “Venetian Soldini in England : An Introduction – Josh Cattermole

  1. Josh, a question for you: Have you looked at PAS data to check on the dates of the soldinii found in England? The reason I ask is that in reading your article one might get the impression that the import of soldinii decreased or ceased after 1416 yet I understand that some soldinii found by detectorists date to after 1416, and I wonder what the data might say about the numbers of pre-1416 versus post-1416 soldinii….For how long were soldinii brought into England?

    You may also want to look at this webpage by Adam Daubney: https://ajdaubney.com/2021/02/01/venetian-coins

    • Hi Rob. In my upcoming publication I have looked extensively at the PAS data, creating GIS maps of England and the counties plotting the coins of all Soldini recorded on the PAS which date to the First Incursion. I think it’s about 410 in all that I have plotted, and created individual entries for in an excel spreadsheet. I was shocked at how abrupt the cut-off seems to be in 1413/14. There is a mint master whose initial is on a great deal of Soldini which are found, and he began work at the mint in 1412, but there are hardly any Soldini of Doge Tommaso Mocenigo, who became Doge in 1414. This gives an incredibly narrow window where the importation stopped. I believe the 1416 decree by Venice was simply to compound the legislation already taken against Soldini in England. In other words, a way for Venice to say to England ”ok, you win. We’ll stop on our end”, if that makes sense. I believe the post 1416 coins are a few chancers bringing coins with them and hiding them from the authorities to spend. Tiny numbers compared to the literal barrel-fulls of these coins in the years 1400-1413. Hope this helps.

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