Thomas Witheridge – Mariner and Slaver, Bristol – Gary Oddie

The coin presented here is an outstanding piece of late eighteenth century engraving in miniature. The host coin, possibly a shilling dating from the recoinage of William III, has been smoothed and engraved to act as a love token from the sailor Thomas Witheridge to his future wife, on his departure on the slave ship The Phoenix in 1772.

This note will trace some details of the ship, its voyages, and the life of Thomas Witheradge.

3 thoughts on “Thomas Witheridge – Mariner and Slaver, Bristol – Gary Oddie

    • Dear Graham,
      Many thanks for your kind words and glad you liked the article. It was good fun to write it too. As is always the case, I made the mistake of doing another search after publishing, and found another pertinent document! Maybe a postscript at some point.

  1. I heartily agree with Graham Birch’s comment. Such a satisfying article for a beautiful small piece of engraving.

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