The Large Cnut Hoard of the 1990’s – Hugh Pagan

In 1995 a Stockholm auction house offered a parcel of 319 coins of Cnut evidently deriving from a single hoard. The coins were of three consecutive types, Quatrefoil, Pointed Helmet and Small Cross, and the geographical pattern of the mints represented within the parcel pointed clearly to this being a portion of the very large hoard of coins of this reign found c.1993, possibly in the Cambridge area.

The parcel offered for sale in this Stockholm auction was small in relation to the likely size of the hoard as a whole and was probably broadly representative of the date range and geographical spread of the coins represented in the hoard as a whole.

This article provides a summary listing putting on record the content of the Stockholm parcel, as in the twenty-five year period since the hoard’s presumed discovery no formal publication of any portion of it has been put into the public domain. It is hoped that the appearance of this article will elicit further information on the hoard’s content and its find spot.

Click here to access the article.

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