A Moneyer for Edward the Confessor Created by a Printing Error – by Hugh Pagan

This article explains how a printers’ error mistakenly led to a belief amongst some numismatists that Edward the Confessor’s Expanding Cross type included coins from the moneyer Wulfwine at Wallingford.  This was based on an erroneous auction catalogue entry dating back to 1955 that referred to PVLFPINE ON PALI (Wallingford). Wulfwine was in consequence listed as a moneyer for the Wallingford mint in this type both by Dr Anthony Freeman, writing in 1985, and by Kenneth Jonsson and the late Gay Van der Meer in their authoritative listing in 1990 of mints and moneyers for the period between c.973 and 1066.

Click here to read the article.

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