Ceolbald of Northumbria: a new look at an old moneyer – Arthur Gran

A moneyer by the name of Eotberht was proposed in Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles, volume 68, as a new moneyer for the Northumbrian king Æethelred I.  Another coin has now come to light on the Portable Antiquities Scheme which helps to shed some light on the identification of this “new” moneyer.  From examination of the images and review of the die characteristics, it appears that Eotberht is not a new moneyer at all, but rather seems likely to be a new spelling for a known moneyer, Ceolbald.  This article reviews some the coinage of Ceolbald and tries to draw some conclusions based on the available data.  The coins of Ceolbald are discussed, along with some commentary on the rare “double obverse” coin of  Æethelred I, which fits into this grouping and is also presumably a Ceolbald issue.

2 thoughts on “Ceolbald of Northumbria: a new look at an old moneyer – Arthur Gran

  1. I would like permission to use a single image of the coin in Robin J. Eaglen (1999), plate 13 from the paper: The Mint of Huntington. It will appear in my thesis. Thank you

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