Summarising the corpus of ‘Watford’ type pence from the Sussex mint of Rye, with discussion of a newly discovered cut halfpenny – A.G. Bliss.

The BMC type I or ‘Watford’ pence of Stephen are his most commonly encountered issue, with hundreds known from old collections, museums and (more recently) as detecting finds. Though the greatest output of this issue is from the mint of London, there were also a large number of ‘provincial’ mints striking the type. One of the latter, only properly evinced as a mint in the mid 20th century, is Rye in East Sussex. In recent years, the number of coins struck at Rye has increased as a number of detector finds have been recorded on the EMC and PAS databases. This article seeks to achieve two objectives: first, to summarise the known examples of Rye mint ‘Watford’ issues and produce some small analysis into the number of dies alongside historical research concerning this mint. Secondly, to effectively publish a new Rye coin which has recently surfaced in the author’s collection.

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