A Probable Lis – Pellet Issue Halfpenny of Henry VI – D. I. Greenhalgh

WIth the development of increasingly sensitive metal detectors many small coins are now coming  to light. With them are numerous issues of halfpence and farthings, and it is not surprising when coins from previously unknown issues come to light (cf Henry III round halfpence, farthings, Newcastle Farthings of Edward I etc). A recent discovery of a halfpenny that  is probably a Henry VI Lis Pellet issue is described in this brief article.

4 thoughts on “A Probable Lis – Pellet Issue Halfpenny of Henry VI – D. I. Greenhalgh

  1. i have a nice Henry v1 halfpenny with a bold saltire on the breast no pellets by crown. mm plain cross
    extra pellets in 2 quarters.. Ray Attwood. any comments please?

  2. I have a Henry 6th halfpenny which I identify as Spink 1942.Under the Withers classification it is a type 2, namely saltire-leaf issue with pellets by crown. The reverse is type a-no extra pellets on reverse. Upon closer examination what makes it unusual is an apparent lis stamped over the leaf on the breast.Seems identical to the one in your recent article. Are there many of these about? Also is there any likelyhood of Spink recognising them as a new catagory?

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