A Notice of Counterfeiting and Punishment from 1653 – Gary Oddie

This short note describes a contemporary reference, from 1653, to the counterfeiting of silver coin using pewter and the unusual punishment meted out to the perpetrators. The main actors were mutilated and hanged and their accomplices received severe corporal punishment.

5 thoughts on “A Notice of Counterfeiting and Punishment from 1653 – Gary Oddie

  1. Gary, I really enjoy the article and the link on the “Woodden Horse”. I have quite a collection of Counterfeit Charles-I and was happy to acquire the piece in reference #3 from the recent sale. The my knowledge the earliest known sales of this specimen go back to Henry Webb, Sotheby in July 1894, Lot#413. Would love to here about any addition information, study groups or articles on counterfeit Charles-I or II.

    • Rickie, I am glad you liked the article. I have been interested in counterfeits, counterfeiters, their methods and contemporary records of their detection and punishment for many years. Most published material is piecemeal, though I am aware of a few significant unpublished studies that have looked at particular series in detail via contemporary records. There is also a thesis in progress on counterfeiting in the 17thC. You will be aware of a the good groups that have been dispersed through auction in the past couple of years, but once dispersed this sort of material typically disappears for a generation. I don’t know of anyone or any group looking closely at the counterfeits of this period; punches, dies, die links, metallurgy etc, but after discussions with a few other collectors, there is a growing suspicion that there may be connections between some counterfeits and provincial issues.
      I have another note in preparation detailing four different die pairs for counterfeit York mint shillings – any input from yourself or other readers would be appreciated.

      • Gary,
        Sounds like we share a similar interest… I have a modest collection and would love to collaborate with other like minded individuals on 17th & 18th century counterfeits. Please feel free to contact me privately at sjkrose@yahoo.com

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