Coin Hoards

Of potential interest to metal detectorists, as well as numismatists, is a new section on the BNS website section which gives links to BNS papers on coin hoards.  These papers cover the whole British Isles and are sub-divided by county, so it is easy for one to find accounts of hoards from a particular region.  BNS online papers are available for papers published up to three years ago, and currently cover publications up to 2016; papers published in 2017 will soon be added to the online collection.  

Visit the BNS Hoards Section 

Also of interest is the developing BNS Coin Gallery which is constantly growing – it currently focuses on the period from the Iron Age through to end of the Stuarts, and currently shows mainly English coins, though it is planned this year to add a comprehensive range of Scottish and Irish specimens. 

Visit the BNS Coin Gallery

For anyone interested in joining the British Numismatic Society please note that the usual annual fee of £32 is currently reduced to £15 for the first two years.


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