Charles I Shillings of the York Mint (i) Official Issues – Gary Oddie

This short note will revisit the shillings issued at the York mint during the civil war. The series has been comprehensively studied and published(1, 2).The dies were engraved by Nicholas Briot and the pieces were made using a roller or cylinder press. This results in a slight ovality and curved flan of some pieces and slight creasing of the metal when they were cut from the strip or subsequently straightened. Misalignment of the silver strip could also lead to coins with partial straight edges. Two pairs of rollers were manufactured, each with five dies engraved on their surface. Briot’s skill as an engraver means that it can be challenging to identify the exact die pair.  Many published illustrations make it difficult to distinguish between certain dies and errors have been found in some catalogues(3). The following pages will provide good illustrations of pieces made by every die pair and die combination. Whilst not original, it is hoped it will be useful.

2 thoughts on “Charles I Shillings of the York Mint (i) Official Issues – Gary Oddie

    • Many thanks, Rickie, glad you enjoyed it! As the title suggests I am working on part (ii) Counterfeit shillings of the York mint. Five die pairs so far, many with interesting punch links.
      So a request to other interested readers. If anyone has any counterfeit shillings which have the EBOR mintmark, please could you get in touch? I am especially looking for a decent photo of a specimen of the piece illustrated in Besly’s 1984 article plate 8 no 5. There is a line drawing in Folkes (1763) plate XXVI no 7. Acknowledgement or anonymity as required. Gary.

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