The Lombardic n in York pennies of Edward I Class 3f – Denis Martin

The Lombardic form of the letter n is spasmodically found on obverses of some early issues of Edward I. This article discusses the rare coins struck in York in class 3f from obverse dies produced locally. Both the Royal mint and the Archbishop’s mint produced such coins, the latter being much rarer. An attempt is made to update the situation regarding the corpus of such coins and the numbers of known dies. A peculiar feature of the Lombardic n, which does not seem to have been discussed before, is pointed out. 

2 thoughts on “The Lombardic n in York pennies of Edward I Class 3f – Denis Martin

  1. Denis Martin: I believe I have a York episcopal 3f penny with Lombardic N’s. Pls let me know if you are interested and I can send a photo of it. I recently bought it in a lot of several Edwardian pieces which were mostly unclassified. Dan Davis. Thank you.

    • I am certainly interested in seeing your coin. I have constructed a die study for the York 3f coins and I would be interested in placing your coin in it.

      Best wishes,


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