An Unlisted ‘Irish’ Medieval Jetton – A. G. Bliss

In 2017, the author was given an unusual jetton for recording on PAS. This jetton was particularly interesting, as its obverse face depicted a harp – a design unlisted in Mitchiner’s standard catalogue. Only one other parallel for this piece could be found, also recorded on the PAS. A third example appeared recently, offered for sale via an online auction site and reportedly found in Norfolk. This note serves to catalogue and discuss these interesting pieces, with the hope that more may emerge in the future. 

One thought on “An Unlisted ‘Irish’ Medieval Jetton – A. G. Bliss

  1. Hi, just read your article on the unlisted “Irish” harp jetton and found it quite interesting. I believe this type is well known, although being rather scarce. I can send you the reference to respective catalogue in French (Claude Roelandt et al., “Jetons XX Hors-Serie Special Jetons et Mereaux du Moyen Age”, 2004, No. 659). I actually have quite a nice example of the harp jetton, die-match to that in Fig. 3 in your article. If you are interested, I can send you some pictures. Kindest regards, Alexey

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