Two ‘New’ Varieties of Edward III Pre-Treaty Series Pennies – Duncan Russell

In one of the last Issues of Spink’s Numismatic Circular (April 2012 Volume CXX Number 1)  I wrote a short Article on the subject of two additional varieties of Pre-Treaty Series Pennies of Edward III. In the interval a further example of a Series G Mule Penny has recently come to light. As a result I thought that it may be worthwhile reproducing the original article to provide a context and reference to earlier work, and to provide a greater degree of accessibility within the written record.

As with my earlier Blog I reproduce the original article and then have added an image and description of the new Series G mule. If readers become, or are, aware of any further examples then please leave a comment / image below.

2 thoughts on “Two ‘New’ Varieties of Edward III Pre-Treaty Series Pennies – Duncan Russell

  1. Rob, Many apologies but I have spotted a typological error (of mine) the paragraph which begins “Gc Half Groats only occur as reverses, muled with either GC or Gb Half Groat Obverses” should read “muled with Ga or Gb Half Groat Obverses”. The paragraph in question is third from last of the re-typed Spink NC Article. Sorry to put you to this trouble in correcting a silly error I should have spotted. Doh!!!!! Apologies Duncan

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