3 thoughts on “Poor Quality Control at Kempson’s Manufactory? – Denis Martin

  1. There are several sitings of this edge not only on the Lincolnshire 8. Whilst edge is rare on this Suffolk piece, it is quite common for non-local edges to find their way onto other counties across the entire British Isles. For this reason, several hundred new varieties have been discovered since the original Dalton & Hamer publication. I myself have discovered several new edge varieties over the past few years and they are described correctly by DNW as “unlisted”. The definition in this instance is to state that the Suffolk 35 is unlisted with this edge, not that the edge inscription itself is unlisted.

  2. Thanks, Merfyn, for your reply. It was interesting to read your observations. I am not an expert on tokens so my misinterpretation of the nuances of the cataloguer’s comments are, perhaps, understandable. Thank you for pointing this out. Since you comment on edge readings of one county appearing quite commonly on the tokens of other counties I am still interested in the possible explanation for this.The title of my article was posing the possibility that there was a mix-up at the place of production, Birmingham in this case, You may have an alternative explanation about such aberrant edge readings which I would be glad to hear about. Regards, Denis.

  3. Hi Merfyn, Denis,
    As far as I am aware, the most recent update to D&H is Bill McKivor’s (Copper Corner) from 2015 which has 49 pages of Addenda and Corrigenda, most of which are varieties of known tokens – typically an edge previously not known on that token issue. Here are a few daft questions for which I don’t have a clue – opening up the discussion to all – (i) how long has it been since a completely new edge reading has been discovered, or were they all known just after the period of issue (ii) do tokens exist struck by one manufacturer, but with the edge of another manufacturer; I can imagine tokens being overstruck, but did edged blanks get out and get struck elsewhere and (iii) is there a listing of all the known edges, who made them and the tokens they are found on – this would be like an edge index to D&H?

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