Contributors to British Numismatics – Introduction – Gary Oddie

This note will provide a brief description of the archive, the reasons behind setting it up and the sources that have been used already to create the 800+ entries in the archive. The project has been prompted by the difficulties sometimes experienced in finding images of past collectors, dealers and authors etc. The late Harry Manville’s five-volume encyclopaedias were published between 1986 and 2009 and are extremely useful and virtually complete, but contain few illustrations, and no portraits of the characters within. The aim of this archive is to add some faces to the names and bring the works up to date. 
Incidental images, such as book plates, coin tickets and envelopes have also been added. A separate section has been created that contains just images of coin tickets and envelopes which is expected to initially have a life of its own with many of the names not yet appearing in the main archive.
A final section describes future plans and also how the archive might evolve with help from readers.

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3 thoughts on “Contributors to British Numismatics – Introduction – Gary Oddie

  1. What a fantastic contribution to British Numismatics. Coins have a story, but it is numismatists that tell it, so it is extra special to be able to put a picture to a name to bring the story closer to home. I am sure that these records will gain more importance as time goes by and their importance is realised. Well done Gary for pushing the boat out. Hopefully you will have many passengers.

    • Hi Eric,
      Many thanks for your kind words. I am glad you like the archive, though there is a long way to go yet. There are now about 900 entries and it might get to 2000 eventually. If you would like to be 901, please get in touch. I have read with interest your many articles on countermarked dollars etc, so that is enough for me for inclusion, but I have absolutely no idea what you look like!
      All the best

      • Thanks Gary, The secretary of our ‘coin club’ Ormskirk and West Lancs Numismatic Society is putting something together and no doubt I shall be included in that. Cheers. Eric.

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