F.R. Reynolds of Yarmouth: Silver Token and Promissory Note Issuer, 1811 – Gary Oddie

This article presents the life and business of Francis Riddell Reynolds (1772-1846). He was a prosperous businessman, solicitor and brewer in Great Yarmouth, being elected Mayor twice. He was the issuer of two well-known varieties of silver shilling token in 1811, one batch of which was intercepted, and some pieces stolen whilst being delivered from London. Two further shilling token varieties, unrecorded by Dalton, are presented along with a five shillings promissory note, also dated 1811, missing from Outing’s catalogue, is illustrated for the first time thanks to the British Museum.

2 thoughts on “F.R. Reynolds of Yarmouth: Silver Token and Promissory Note Issuer, 1811 – Gary Oddie

  1. It is worth adding to Gary Oddie’s useful note that Francis Riddell Reynolds was the great-grandfather of Henry Muskett Reynolds (1853-1948), a founder member of the British Numismatic Society, whose impressive and carefully selected collections of Anglo-Saxon and Norman coins were sold at Sothebys in two sales in 1914 and 1919. H.M.Reynolds also donated specialist collections of coins of the Norwich mint and of seventeenth-century Norfolk tokens to Norwich Castle Museum. His father, William Collett Reynolds, a solicitor in Great Yarmouth, will have been W.C.Reynolds to whom Gary refers in his remarks

  2. An excellent addition from Hugh, and a quite unexpected numismatic connection, many thanks. I suspect H.M. Reynolds must have known about his great-grandfather’s token and note issues. I have H.M. Reynold’s coin tickets in the BNS Contributors pages, but still haven’t tracked down an image of him.

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