2 thoughts on “Edward III, Durham, class 15d pennies. BNJ 2018 article  – A brief update – Denis Martin

  1. There was a class XVd Durham penny sold by CNG (USA) in 2018. This is CNG inventory #468986. It appears to be the same coin as coin #5 in the 2018 BNJ article (Dies B1, Baldwin’s of St James’ Auction #7, 6/21/17 #482, ex “Baldwin’s Vault.”

  2. Indeed it is the same coin. It would appear to have been bought by CNG (hammer £1550), and moved on by them in 2018. My article was written substantially in 2017/18 and published later in the 2018 BNJ. I have seen no reason to update the provenances of the coins listed in the corpus which, in the case of coins in private collections, will inevitably be added to as time goes by. My listing of the known coins is merely a snapshot as I saw it at the time of writing.

    Thanks, Dan, for responding to my article.

    Denis Martin

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