Spink’s Numismatic Circular – A Personal Story – Gary Oddie

The recent acquisition of a block of loose copies of Spink’s Numismatic Circular; 1911-1934, only lacking December 1912, has prompted me to look more closely at this publication. While completing and then binding a longer run of the periodical it became clear that it is now quite a challenge to put together a complete set of this very useful publication.

3 thoughts on “Spink’s Numismatic Circular – A Personal Story – Gary Oddie

  1. Interesting story Gary. No doubt well worth the search and the cost. I didn’t realise some were on the NNP site, but it appears that from 1964 on they cannot be opened. Maybe a 100 year rule?

    • Hi Eric,
      Well spotted with the NNP, post 1964 the covers are there but not the contents. I think there are a few factors that limit what’s on the NNP – availability of original copies, getting permission and getting round to doing the scans. I don’t know the details regarding SNC scans but have just spotted that they have done several Seaby’s Coin and Medal Bulletin, but finish with Jan/Feb 1988. I think the last issue was Jan/Feb 1991. The NNP is an epic undertaking, and I am sure just a matter of time before these gaps are filled.

      • Hello Gary, I believe NNP have permission to scan and show all Seaby bulletins. Maybe they cannot locate the missing issues for scanning. Spink is a different matter. I have written to Mr. Stocker to try to obtain permission for scan and show, but he does not reply to me. Other members of staff, who appear to me to be in favour, are not able to give the go-ahead. Sad state of affairs really.

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