2 thoughts on “Another Short Cross die link between London and Canterbury in class VIII – Glenn Gittoes

  1. Hello Glenn,
    Thanks for your interesting article. I see a link has been provided to my related article on the blog which referred to another exchange of dies between London and Canterbury. (BNS Research Blog, July 8th 2020)
    In the case I described an obverse die seems to have been despatched from London to Canterbury to provide a means of coining a small amount of silver. An existing Canterbury die of a previous class was used on the reverse. The die seems to have been sent back later to London and used there to produce coins with a London reverse.
    Whilst different circumstances may apply in the case of your example perhaps we can still ask the question “accidental or deliberate”?

    With my best wishes,
    Denis (Martin)

  2. Denis
    Many thanks for your comments. We have very high mint outputs at both London and Canterbury during Short Cross class VIII, so as you say, circumstances may be different. We really don’t the reasons – it could be accidental, deliberate or even, dare I say, normal practice during Nichole of St Alban’s tenure.
    Best regards

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