2 thoughts on “The Forty-Shilling piece of James VI revisited – David Rampling

  1. Hello David,
    My name is Jim Stewart. I have had an interest in the coins of James VI for many years and started my collection in the 1990’s. I was delighted to read your article on the Forty-Shilling Pieces which I found very informative. I believe I am in possession of coin number ’10’ from the W. W. Woodside Collection which I purchased in 1999. Michael Sharp then at Baldwins acted on behalf in the purchase and we did at the time correspond on the provenance of the piece. On checking my notes it is clear that we suspected that the piece had featured in the Thellusson sale held by Sotheby in October 1931 although Michael could not confirm this at the time. The piece did feature in SNC of January 1978 before then appearing in the Triton III sale on 1 December 1999 when I made the purchase. I would be happy to forward an image of the piece if you can send me contact details.

    Best regards


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