Palmers Green Hoard of Richard II Coins, 1911- Rob Page

In Thompson’s Inventory he gives information for two coin hoards found in 1911 in Palmers Green; his “Palmers Green #1” (Ref 247) is a well documented hoard, consisting mainly of Henry III long cross pennies, and is not in any doubt. However, his second hoard, “Palmers Green #2”, (Ref 248) is almost undocumented, and it is this one that is the subject of this very brief article.

2 thoughts on “Palmers Green Hoard of Richard II Coins, 1911- Rob Page

  1. Hi Rob,
    This was intriguing, having visited Palmerstown many years ago – just a couple of miles up the Liffey from the Guiness factory! I was on the support team for a crew doing the Liffey descent. Anyway, returning to the point.
    Intrigued by a potential misplacement of the hoard I had a rummage. I haven’t been able to trace a Palmers Green in Ireland, the place has been called Palmerstown since 1198, the name was officially changed to Palmerston by the Ordnance Survey in the 1830s, but both spellings remain in use.
    However, it seems odd that the record of the hoard appears in the Irish Times (12 May 1911), so I did a quick trawl of the British Newspaper archive. Other records of the same hoard also appear in the Lakes Herald (12 May 1911), Jedburgh Gazette (12 May 1911) etc. However these are typical of reports once a story has been serialised (the modern term would be ‘gone viral’). Digging a bit deeper the story appears in the Tottenham and Edmonton Weekly Herald, two days earlier (Wednesday 10 May 1911, p4 col 6) – so that brings the hoard back to London.
    The inquest is reported in the Globe on Saturday 13 May 1911 (p11 col 3) and gives much more information about the finders, findspot and numbers of coins involved. Will send a copy directly to you.

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