The Last Galley Halfpenny – Joshua Cattermole

The topic of the Galley Halfpence, the circulation of the Venetian Soldino in England, has a history spanning nearly 150 years, split into three incursions between the early 15th and early 16th centuries. The end of the importation of Soldini is quite murky, and oft forgotten these days, along with much of the subject of Soldini. However, the recent discovery of a rare Soldino helps to shine light onto the latter period of Anglo-Venetian trade relations, and the end of the state-sponsored trading fleets from Venice to England, and how the very last Soldino type to be imported into England helps to tell this little-known tale.

2 thoughts on “The Last Galley Halfpenny – Joshua Cattermole

    • Thank you Eric, your comment is greatly appreciated. It’s nice that the coin itself alongside the documentary sources allows for such a precise provenance. It is a bonus that the provenance is also extremely interesting.

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