Two Unusual Counterfeit Victorian Shillings – Gary Oddie

Contemporary counterfeits of Victorian silver coins are typically cast from pewter-like metals, more rarely silver plated brass and very unusually silver. This note presents two shillings dated 1863 and 1882 which are of good weight and good silver and struck from hand engraved dies. The pieces also share the same obverse die. Being rare dates it is speculated that they are not contemporary but were manufactured in the third quarter of the twentieth century. This issue is compared with the halfcrowns that have been noted with dates 1861, 1866, 1868, and 1871 which were first discovered in the 1960’s during the change checking that accompanied decimalisation.

3 thoughts on “Two Unusual Counterfeit Victorian Shillings – Gary Oddie

  1. Hi Jack, Happy it has gone to a good home. As always, the contemporary counterfeits are rarer than the genuine pieces, but fortunately collectors are rarer still! Will contact separately. Gary

    • I have found a silver 1846/48 shilling it looks like a shilling with a thin peice to the front front and back are silver but not finished well

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