Lidanport: a New Mint-Place for Edgar’s Pre-Reform Coinage by Rory Naismith

This article discusses a coin which recently came to the author’s attention, and which was found near Nizy-le-Comte, dép. Aisne, France, 2018. It forms part of a growing body of Anglo-Saxon coin-finds from France. However, having been found outside the UK, it is not included in the major British-based corpora of coin-finds such as the EMC or PAS.

The coin in question is a silver penny of the ‘Circumscription Cross’ type, which was widely produced in Edgar’s reign (959–75) prior to the major coin-reform of the early 970s. The most intriguing feature of this coin is the name of the mint-place found on the reverse, which is otherwise unknown in the reign of Edgar or indeed of all Anglo-Saxon kings. This coin therefore represents a new mint-place for the reign.


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2 thoughts on “Lidanport: a New Mint-Place for Edgar’s Pre-Reform Coinage by Rory Naismith

  1. Is there any reason why EMC cannot pick up foreign find spots. I can understand why PAS wouldn’t be appropriate. If neither can be used than the BNJ Coin Register is probably a last resort. It just seems logical that every coin should be brought into our knowledge in the best way possible.

  2. Hello Steve. The main reason for omitting overseas finds is that laws regarding single-finds and the use of metal detectors vary across Europe. As a project run by a publicly funded entity, it is not appropriate for EMC knowingly to host information about coins which are or may be the result of illegal searching. Rory.

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