Henry III (Posthumous), Class 7 Pennies from the London Mint, Part Two – Moneyer Renaud – Robert Page

This is the second paper in a series on the class 7 coins of the London mint, and this one deals with the coins of the moneyer Reginald de Cantuaria (“Renaud”). The coins of Renaud were minted until c. May 1278 – i.e. for about 75-80% of the period in which class 7 was issued (1275/6 – late 1278), and hence are useful for looking at some of the variations which might be of relevance in any future sub-division of the class.  Three types are outlined for the coins of Renaud, including one type having an unusual double-headed sceptre, not seen elsewhere in the Henry III long cross series. 

I continue to look for additional images of class 7 coins for further research and would be pleased to hear from any reader willing to supply class 7 images of any mint or moneyer.

UPDATE: Please note that coin types originally described as 7b and 7c in this article have now been re-named 7c and 7b. This revised nomenclature results from the realisation that double-headed sceptred coins exist also for Phelip as well as Renaud. The same revision applies to article #3 also.

2 thoughts on “Henry III (Posthumous), Class 7 Pennies from the London Mint, Part Two – Moneyer Renaud – Robert Page

  1. Hi I just found what appears to be a renavd on london Henry iii penny would love so more info on it and send you some pictures to what’s the email address

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