BNS Video: The last golden age of British Numismatics; Reflections from the Stewartby Archive of English numismatic papers – Dr. William Day

This video begins by summarising the correspondence in the Stewartby Archive, focusing on that of Christopher Blunt, which constitutes the most voluminous component, and drawing attention to other highlights of the collection, for example the correspondence of Michael Dolley. It also discusses Lord Stewartby’s intense collaborations with Philip Grierson, which eventually evolved into some of Grierson’s more significant contributions to the discipline, and it reviews some of the general areas of Lord Stewartby’s academic interests.

William Day has a background in Economic History, Medieval History and Numismatics. He came to Cambridge twenty years ago to work with Philip Grierson on the remaining Italian components of the Medieval European Coinage series, publishing vol. 12 on Northern Italy with Michael Matzke and Andrea Saccocci in 2016. He is also author of numerous articles on Italian Medieval Economic History and Numismatics. He is currently working on vol. 13 in the MEC series, which covers Central Italy.

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